Yorkshire Mobile Sandblasting Service

Mobile On-Site Sandblasting

Welcome to our North Yorkshire Sandblasting Services Website where you will find information about the services that we offer :-

Brick Cleaning then Limewash reapplied

Clean Bricks or Limewashed

In these pages we will try to let you know what we do and where we do it – but if you still aren’t sure if we can help please do not hesitate to contact us – either by the ‘Contact Us’ page or via the phone on 07968 105785

Sandblasting also known as ‘shot blasting’ or ‘blast cleaning’ and involves sending an abrasive medium at whatever you are trying to clean using compressed air to transport the abrasive.

Sandblasting is only one way of cleaning certain items and we have expanded our services into other fields in order to offer our customers a fuller range of cleaning alternatives

These include gentler systems to enable us to work within the conservation field for organisations such as ‘English Heritage’ & ‘The National Trust’. These other systems include a Superheated water based system (DoFF) as approved by most Listed Building Departments of most Councils and a Low Pressure Hodge Clemco SandBlasting system (similar to the approved Jos TORC machine).

These new operating systems allow us to offer such services as Graffiti Removal from soft limestones that won’t destroy the face of the stonework. (See examples page) 

Kitchen Beams (2) After Cleaning

Kitchen Beams (2) After Cleaning

For examples of all the applications we have used our systems on please look at the list below click on some of them for further information.

Applications for sand blasting include:-

Brick Cleaning
Removing Paint from Bricks
Removing Paint from Timber
Oak Cleaning
Removing Limewash from Random Rubble Stone walls
Working at low Pressure remove sulphation from Bath Stone Door/Window  surrounds
Clean up old Beams
Distress New Woodwork to make look older
Remove Paint and Rust from truck body and mobile plant (machinery)
Graffiti Removal
Remove Rust and old paint from antique cast iron railings
Remove dirt and loose mortar from random rubble walls
Clean Saw Marks from and distress New Oak Beams
Clean up and remove paint / stain from staircases and wooden banisters
Remove paint from wooden tongue and groove
Clean old tractors back to bare metal prior to renovating
Strip off paint from narrowboat to leave a key for new painting
Clean up Steel in old steel frame buildings
Remove years of grime from wooden stable stalls

For further information please email us via the ‘Contact Us’ page or call on 07968 105785